Best Inflatable Kayaks For 2018 – Guide and Reviews

Inflatable kayaks are available with many features and vary in price depending on your intended use. Simple varieties offer basic performance and are really nothing more than an inflatable boat with the streamlined shape of a kayak. This allows them to slice through the water with ease and they are great for those who are just beginning to explore the sport of kayaking. There are advanced models available as well and some of these will be the result of crossing a foldable frame style kayak with inflatable models. The price you spend and model you choose should correlate to your experience and intended use as some river systems may require inflatable kayaks with exceptionally sturdy and durable shells to prevent punctures in fast water that moves through shallow rapids.

Best inflatable kayaks

You will find inflatable kayaks designed for almost any situation a traditional hard shell kayak would be used for. There are models intended to be used in the oceans and large lakes that may experience high waves or breaking surf. These models will often be larger to offer a more stable base when they are being used in rough seas. You will also find that they may offer more onboard storage for packing supplies and meals for extended trips along coastlines. Some of these models may double as a fishable platform as they will have puncture resistant shells to protect them from hooks or the sharp fins of fish.

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Some of the more robust models may combine hard shell kayak elements with inflatable properties; these are perfect for fishing and are also made available with seating for two and plenty of onboard storage. Some of these models will be produced with the needs of fishermen or hunters in mind and may even be available in camouflaged patterns and colors. Even with the hard shell construction, they will be lightweight as they are still reliant on inflatable parts for a portion of their construction. This saves weight and makes them easy for one or two people to load and unload from their transport vehicle.

Those beginning to explore the sport of kayaking will find many different inflatable kayaks that fall into the easy to afford and use categories. They may be made for use for one or two people and are often able to be packed into a duffle bag for easy storage and transport. Some of these models will work well for the experienced kayaker who wants to keep a kayak in his or her vehicle at all times so they are always ready to hit the water.

Inflatable kayaks offer affordability, storability, and a vast array of models and designs to choose from. They are also made for use by one or two people allowing you to bring a friend or family member on a trip with you if you are so inclined. With so many features available to almost everyone this seems like the perfect solution to getting yourself out on the water for your first kayak trip. Inflatable kayaks have made the sport accessible to anyone who has a river or lake within driving distance of their home.

So, it is time to go on the best inflatable kayaks. Here we gonna present you the best models by our opinion.

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