Fly Fishing Reel – A Simple Design In Three Types

A fly fishing reel is absolutely the most simplistic of all fishing reel designs. The design consists of a drum-like spool with a hole in it to feed the line through. It can be a little tricky to cast a fly fishing line and has become somewhat of an art form for those who have perfected it.

Now let’s talk about buying the right reel for those who have never bought one or just wants to know how to choose the best reel.

Fly Fishing Reel - A Simple Design In Three Types

Many first-time fly fishers do not know how to choose the best reel to match the rod and line that they are using. Even after searching over and over again, they are still not sure how to find the perfect fit.

Even some that have been fly fishing for a while have a hard time choosing the right reel. Here are some tips for either the first time buyer and those who need a little help.

There are three different types of fly fishing reels that you have to choose from when looking for the right one.

  • The first is the single action fly reel. These reels are by far the simplest of all fly fishing reels and therefore the most popular. They are so simple because they have a 1:1 retrieve ratio, which means one turn of the handle makes one complete turn of the spool.
  • Next is the multiplying fly reel. This one has a retrieve ratio better than 1:1; in fact, one turn of the handle is equal to two turns on the spool. This is due to the use of multiple gears. This means that the line can be reeled in quicker. This type of reel can be difficult to use at times since it seems that because of the extra gears it can be temperamental.
  • Last is the automatic fly reel. The name is mostly self-explanatory but let’s dig a little deeper into the detail. Shall we?By using a trigger the caster is able to automatically retrieve all fly fishing line from the water. The bad thing about these reels is that they are quite heavy and not very durable. This is mainly because the reel has even more temperamental parts than the multiplying fly reel.

There are two basic types of reel drag systems that you also have to consider when looking for the perfect fly fishing reel.

The first is the spring-and-pawl drag system; this system is mainly for wary trout and fishing in crystal clear waters. The second is the disc-drag fly reel, which is used in most fly fishing situations and is the best one for fishing for the larger quarry.

When choosing a reel you must always remember the formula, the weight of the rod, line, and reel must be equal. In other words, if you have a 5-weight rod you will want a 5-weight reel and 5-weight line as well.

You should not buy a cheap reel; good reels will cost anywhere between $50 and $100 and the best reels, which will last a lifetime could cost you anywhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $500+.

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