Enter the Exciting World of Sea Kayaking

If someone wants to spend the majority of their spare time in the seas, as they are living near the shorelines, Sea kayaking is a thrilling water sport to get trained and spend hours of fun time out in the seas. Whether you are living near the Pacific coast or the Atlantic coast, Sea kayaking provides a perfect opportunity to explore the unknown islands that has plenty of green cover and rare trees and plants. If you want to visit such an Island on your own, no other forms of transport can take you out to such destinations. Sea kayaks are slightly different from the other form of Kayaks such as the whitewater Kayaks and other general-purpose kayaks. They are lengthier compared to the other kayaks and can measure up to 6 meters in length. Paddling with the sea kayaks is smoother than doing paddling in other types of kayaks. The kayaks contain watertight compartments that can be used to store kayak suit accessories, camping related accessories and food r items.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking Advantages

Sea Kayaking offers the extreme thrill of riding the rough waves in certain parts of the ocean. As an experienced paddler, one will be using a variety of techniques to handle the rough sea waves including the important Eskimo roll. Eskimo roll technique will help the paddler to quickly get back to the normal running condition immediately after the kayak has got capsized or drowned in one of the huge waves. Mastering such techniques require a lot of practice and training. The kayak might also capsize due to strong wind conditions in certain areas of the ocean. There are also times when the paddler has to encounter heavy rainy weather. In such rainy conditions, you have to ensure wearing a couple of fleeces underneath your paddling jacket. This will help you to remain warm and enjoy each and every minute of sea kayaking. You could also use some protective accessories for your hand that will help you to keep your hands warm right through. These hand accessories are referred to as pogies.

Another important thing that a sea kayaker has to develop is their handling of situations when they encounter sea animals like seals, Dolphins, and otters. Most of the Training institutions that offer Sea Kayaking training provide adequate training on how to react in such situations. But one has to correctly recollect the techniques that have been taught in the kayaking school and implement it judiciously when they actually encounter these sea animals. If you are a new paddler who has recently taken up this adventure water sport, then you might be able to do 6 miles of kayaking in a given day. Within 6 months you will be able to increase your pace and will be able to do 15 miles a day. There are professional paddlers who cover 25 miles in a day. There are a number of popular kayaking destinations along both the Pacific and Atlantic coast. As sea kayaking is usually done in groups of 2 to 4 members, you will really love each and every minute of your fun ride with your fellow paddlers.


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